Create an atmosphere to relax and unwind...

Your day doesn’t end until you have completed all of your daily tasks and whatever was on the to-do list (which can be quite extensive!) and with many of us working more from home, there is little separation between work and home life. This can lead to not just quite a long day with little or no time to yourself but a home that we can’t relax in. 

In our increasingly busy lives, our homes should be our sanctuary, but it’s easy to focus on everything else and forget to create a relaxing atmosphere throughout our home that will contribute to our mental wellbeing.  Finding time to relax and have a little me time curled up on the sofa with a good book or to watch a film and practice a little self-care may be something that eludes you and this can lead to a build up of stress.

Make your home your sanctuary by filling every room with beautiful and natural essential oil aromatherapy scents. Carve out time for yourself, whether it’s in the middle of the day or the evening. Melting a wax melt or burning a candle while relaxing on the sofa or in the bath will create an environment that will help you to unwind. Just from inhaling, the essential oils' therapeutic benefits will help to ease any stress and boost your mood, as each product is designed for your well-being.

A little relaxation time will allow the day's stress to melt away and lead to a more comfortable night’s sleep. Hundreds of people have chosen to use our natural essential oil products, and have left positive reviews about the beautiful essential oil blends and how much they have benefited from them.

I hope my products will help you to create a calm environment, relax and find that precious me-time.



Creator of Nicki’s Aromatics