Hello! My name is Nicola and I’m the owner and creator of Nicki’s Aromatics.  My mission is to help you create a relaxing environment wherever you are with aromatherapy fragrances.

I’ve always been a wax melt, candle and home fragrance lover, however, I started to develop headaches from products that were made with synthetic fragrances.  Everyone wants their space to smell amazing and be calming environment, but you don’t want it to make you feel unwell :(  I started to research how to scent my home naturally and that’s when a friend introduced me to essential oils.  Just a few drops into a water diffuser and oh my!  

This was the beginning of a learning journey and started to read about and study the therapeutic benefits of different essential oils and how they can ground you, elevate you, help you sleep better, calm your mind….the list goes on.  This got me excited because I realised that I could create my own blends to suit different moods.  And this is where the creative journey started.  Only wanting the highest quality ingredients with a low carbon footprint, I made it my mission to keep all the ingredients natural and to source all materials in the UK that were as eco-friendly as possible.

The first blends I made were Zen and Grounded Zen - one lifted your mood and the other helped you to feel more grounded.  The essential oil blends and wax melts were tested on friends who commented on how the scents made them feel, and how they helped to change their mood.  I realised that there was truly power in aromatherapy.  

On a high from the feedback, I got busy blending and created a whole range of wax melts.  But why stop there? I thought.  A year later I branched out into candles, room sprays, diffusers and essential oil blends.

The goal?  Hopefully to be in every home around the world! I hope my handmade natural aromatherapy products help you to create your oasis, your calm environment, a space where you find a little ‘me’ time. A space where you can just be.