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15 Botanical Spa Wax Melt Box (Box 1)

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Indulge in 15 wax melts from the Spa Botanicals Range - ideal for unwinding and making a perfect self-care gift. Crafted with eco-friendly coconut and rapeseed wax and delivered in a biodegradable glassine bag, each wax melt will burn for 8+ hours.

Expertly blended essential oils provide an exquisite and lingering scent, while every product is handmade in small batches in my Glasgow home, ensuring top-notch quality and authenticity.

Natural essences floating through your space originate only from pure essential oils without added synthetic fragrances, granting you the complete benefits of each oil blend.

In this trio you will get:

A delicate blend of floral lavender, citrus, and mandarin essential oils with a hint of green basil and a deep woody base note, these wax melts help promote sleep, relaxation, and mental clarity. An all-natural wax, this melt has been infused with dried lavender and blue cornflowers for a luxurious look and texture. 

Enriched with dewy pink cornflower petals and citrusy orange blossoms, Bliss is a botanical symphony of ylang-ylang and gingerlily. The top notes of orange, bergamot and cypress meld with musky base notes of cedarwood and patchouli, culminating in a captivating ylang-ylang middle note. A true spa blend, Bliss is perfect for when you seek relaxation and crave a moment of self-care.

This exquisite set of wax melts, featuring bergamot, clary sage, mint leaf, lily, lavender, patchouli, moss, vetiver and cedarwood, will envelop you in a luxurious, soothing scent. A perfect way to indulge your senses and escape the stress of everyday life. 

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