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15 Botanical Spa Wax Melt Box (Box 2)

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This exquisite set of 15 botanical spa wax melts is infused with luxurious essential oils to bring a hint of sophistication and indulgence. Each one is crafted with intricate botanical blends for a truly luxurious experience, making this a delightful gift - or even a treat for yourself.

For aficionados of scents like Jo Malone and Chanel, this fragrant wax-melt will bring a sense of sophistication. Crafted with a compelling blend of frangipani and citrus essential oils, and finished with a warm base note of patchouli, this elegant aroma will linger in the air for hours.

This alluring spa blend entices your senses with its spiced, floral, and woody aroma, delicately touched with notes of chocolate. An initial bouquet of orange, mandarin, and nutmeg, advances to a lush heart of lavender, ho wood, and jasmine, while a base of patchouli, cedarwood, and tonka bean cradles your senses in a comforting woody embrace.

A luxurious and tranquil spa mix offering top notes of citrus essences, pine needle, peppermint, and striking star anise, transitioning to a woody and herbal middle note featuring eucalyptus rosemary and delicate lavender, all nestled within lingering base notes of frankincense and spicy cumin seed.

Crafted with eco-conscious coconut and rapeseed wax and presented to you in a biodegradable glassine bag, each essential oil blend has been artfully created to guarantee maximum scent longevity. Handmade in my home studio in Glasgow ensures superior quality; further enhanced by the use of only pure essential oils, for a 100% natural scent, devoid of synthetic fragrances. Paraben-free and additive-free, all of our products are vegan, with no ingredients tested on animals.

All materials are sourced from UK suppliers to ensure a low carbon footprint.

A lot of thought has gone into the packaging to ensure that it is environmentally friendly at every stage. Therefore all packaging used is biodegradable and recyclable with little to no negative impact on our environment.

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