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Nicki's Aromatics

Wax Melt Sample Box - Botanical Spa Collection

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Not sure what blend you'd like? Or maybe you're looking for a gift for a wax melt lover.

This box of 8 wax melts contains all of the Botanical Spa range.

You can increase the size of the box to 16 so that you get 2 of each.

Made with eco-friendly soy and presented to you in individual biodegradable glassine bags, each wax melt will last for 8+ hours.

Each essential oil blend has been carefully crafted to ensure that you get a beautiful and long-lasting strong scent. Handmade in small batches in my home in Glasgow guarantees that you receive the highest quality product.

Only the highest quality essential oils are used in every product without the addition of synthetic fragrances. The resulting scent will be 100% natural, releasing pure essential oils into the air to fill your space and you will receive the full benefits of each essential oil in each blend.

In this sample box, you'll get:

Aromatic floral lavender delicately blended with citrus and mandarin essential oils with a subtle note of green basil and a rich woody base note. These melts will aid sleep, relaxation and calm the mind. This all-natural wax melt is infused with dried lavender and blue cornflowers and has a beautiful silky look and a creamy texture.

Infused with pink cornflower petals and orange blossoms, Bliss is a floral blend of ylang-ylang and gingerlily. Beautiful top notes of orange, bergamot and cypress, and base notes of cedarwood and patchouli leading to a ylang-ylang middle note. A true spa blend, perfect for when you want to relax and have some much-needed me-time.

A relaxing spa blend with top notes including bergamot, clary sage and mint leaf. A floral heart of lily, lavender and patchouli compliment a musky base of moss, vetivert and cedarwood.

The newest addition to the Botanical Spa range. Aromatic lavender delicately blended with chamomile and clary sage, with subtle notes of bergamot. These melts will aid sleep, relaxation and calm the mind.

A natural woody blend with refreshing eucalyptus leaves, spicy bay and clove buds. The essential oils in these melts will help to relax and clear the mind, aid concentration, help to lower anxiety.

An elegant and sultry perfume blend. Top notes of citrus essential oils make the floral yet musky middle note of frangipani shines through, all enveloped in a base note of warm patchouli with a hint of basil.

An uplifting and enlivening citrus blend made with lemongrass, lemon, litsea and geranium essential oils. This is a spa blend that will make your soul sing.

A beautiful and relaxing spa blend that includes top notes of citrus essential oils, pine needle, peppermint, and spicy star anise, leading to a woody and herby middle note that includes eucalyptus rosemary and sweet lavender, all wrapped in base notes of frankincense and spicy cumin seed.

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