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Nicki's Aromatics

Inspire - Focus Wax Melts

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A rejuvenating blend specially formulated to refresh your senses and invigorate your mind. Our Inspire wax melts are crafted with eucalyptus essential oil to evoke a crisp, woody scent and provide respite from stress. Herbaceous and spicy bay leaf is blended in to soothe mental fatigue and dispel anxiousness, while fragrant clove encourages clarity and sharpens focus. Lastly, delightful purple cornflower petals are layered in, to gift you with a motivating and centring atmosphere perfect for productivity.

A pack of 6 weighs approximately 49g
A pack of 9 weighs approximately 73g
A wax melt bar weighs approximately 35g

Made with eco-friendly coconut and rapeseed wax and packaged in a biodegradable glassine bag.

Add one or two melts to your wax melter.

Add another layer of scent by pairing it with the Inspire Reed Diffuser.

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